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Dezso Vaghy
Founder and Pilot

"My background speaks for itself. I have in-depth experience flying remote control aircraft and drones. I bring my vast experience into every shoot that I do, along with pride and safety, first."


Dezso Vaghy is a 7 time Canadian national team member flying R/C precision aerobatics in the FAI - F3A designation.


I have been involved in competitive F3A pattern flying for over 25 years attending my first World Championships held in Deblin, Poland in 1997.


My best standing of 27th in the world was achieved at the World Championships in Pensacola Florida (1999).


I was the first Canadian to enter an electric airplane in Canadian F3A competition. 




"My product is high quality and will make you stand out in a sea of competitors.

Let's have a chat about the possibilities, establish a working relationship, and see where it takes us."

Dezso Vaghy, Cutgraphic Aerials.

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