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Aerial Video creation / Post production
What is your style and budget? Click on the examples below to discover.
Aerial video only


Sometimes a property only has to be shown from the air - sweet and simple.

Aerial video and interior video


A combination of external aerial video and internal video is an effective and complete package option. Interesting and to the point.

HDR Photography


HDR Photography. High dynamic range means that you will be able to see more detail than conventional photos. For instance being able to see what is outside through windows instead of the window area being all white especially on bright sunny days.

Matterport virtual tours


This service adds dimension again, It can be added as an enhancement service, or can be used in place of a video.

Floor Plans


This service is an extension to the Matterport virtual tour. The plans are generated from the Matterport model.

360 Panorama aerials 


This service is an add on or independent service. I provide aerial panoramas in the form of a secure website link. I combine more than one panorama which is high resolution and it is designed to display in greater detail the environment from different angles and elevations. See example



Click here to download a sample of the floor plan

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