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Efforts and time on your part.

You may be wondering and asking yourself... If I decide to do a video for my next listing, what sort of time and effort will it be for me to have it done.

I can tell you in a few steps what I do to ensure as much as possible that it will be a good experience for you. If we can collectively answer a few questions on the onset, then it will make it clear for me what I am shooting for.

Questions you may have:

Q: Do I as the agent need to be present in the shooting of a video?

A: Only if you are curious as to what I do, or if you have an active part in the resulting video. Otherwise I am perfectly capable by myself. Just need a lockbox code if my job includes the insides of the place. If I am to interface with the client, I have lots of experience in doing that.

Q: How long does it take you to deliver the product.

A: Well, so far, I am able to get you the stills on the same evening generally speaking (if you choose that service as well), and the video the next day or so. I hope I can continue to offer fast turn around times.

What I like to do to avoid surprises.

It all depends on how fussy you are in terms of wanting a video done in a particular way:

I usually ask these questions:

Have to seen any of my recent work? If not, may I suggest a few examples. Please let me know which style you like.

What music would you prefer for this particular listing? What style of music are you expecting? I have many examples in my library including some classical pieces, cinematic, inspirational, Ambient, and pop. If you would rather, I can choose music myself based on the feeling I get from the property.

PS. I start with the music. Everything is tailored around it, so a change in the music means a totally new edit. This is important to note so if you have a specific style of music in mind we should settle on which piece before hand.

What I need from you.

If you are a new customer, I will need the information you want to include with the video branding. This could include:

A recent picture,(if I can’t find one online that is)

Contact information, phone numbers and email addresses, website addresses. I create a template which I reuse for the next time. A little time spent up front is an investment for me.

Property address, and information about any feature you want emphasized.

Answering the questions above and discussing with me what elements I am providing you;

Ie: inside stills, outside stills, aerial stills, outside video and inside video.... should do the trick.

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