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It's not just about aerial video

As the title says, its not just about aerial video. Sure it is an important element, but it does not present the complete story. I have realized very quickly in forming my business doing aerial video for my clients that the aerial element is - and should be - used as an element to the production.

It brings a higher production value and greater impact (used with constraint) and will show a perspective impossible otherwise. In my opinion, it should never be used as a crutch or overused.

I realized quickly that for a balanced video all angles should be considered to make the final product interesting.

I use several techniques to bring it all together; good cameras used in different angles, cameras that are good in low light and others better in the air and in good light.

More and more I am utilizing the multi technique approach to incorporate in all of my videos. and I am getting a positive response. It just feels right and increases my flexibility to get the job done right.

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